Compositions / Premieres

Rueda un Recuerdo, for soprano, fl, vl, cl and pno. Commission: Fundación Botín, Santander, Spain. Premiere: Patricia Castro Recuerdo, soprano, Ensemble Instrumental de Cantabria, Luciano González Sarmiento, conductor. Fundación Botín, Santander, Spain. December 2016

Ten Sounds, for Ob, Cl, B.Cl, Vib, Pno, Vln, Vla, Vc. Premiere: Chimera Ensemble. University of York. June 2015

Blackmoon, for guitar. Premiere: Carlo Estolano. University of York. May 2015

Irurak Bat, basque music arrangements for Fl, Cl and string quartet. Commission: Asociación Cultural Garaiz. Premiere: Ensemble Garaiz. Iglesia de San Ignacio de los Vascos, Madrid. April 2015

Mariana’s song, for Fl, Vla, Pno. Premiere: Ananda Sukarlan, piano; José Manuel Sáiz, viola; Jaime Salas, flute. Commission: 13th International Chamber Music Competition Ecoparque de Trasmiera, Cantabria, Spain. March 2015

Nana para Mariana, for piano. Premiere: Albert Nieto. High Conservatoire of Salamanca, Spain. March 2015

Tiempo y Forma, for piano. American premiere: Rebeca Lluveras. Palacio de Bellas Artes, D.F., Mexico. March 2015. European premiere: Alicia Burgueño. Conservatoire of Santander. March 2014.

Fantasia for flute and piano. Premiere: Chroma Dúo. Conservatoire of Ponferrada. November 2011.

Three songs over Regino Mateo poems, for Soprano, Cl, pno. Premiere: Chimera Ensemble. University of York. June 2011.

Four Bagatelles, for piano. Premiere: Diego Fernández Magdaleno. Centro Cultural Caja Cantabria, Santander, Spain. March 2010.

Quintet, for Hn, Vln, Vla, Vc, pno. Premiere: Lontano Ensemble. King’s College London. February 2010.

Seminars / Conferences

Reflection on the Temporal Dimension of Music. Master in Artistic, Literary and Cultural Studies. Autonomous University of Madrid. February 2017

Analysis and Creativity: Some practical implications. Degree in History and Music Sciences. Autonomous University of Madrid. February 2017

Analysis as an interdisciplinary link between Research and Creation. First International Conference of Research in Performing Arts. Pontifical Catholic University of Peru. October 2016

Talk with a Composer: Ana Fontecha. Germinac.Ciones Perú 2016. Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. August 2016

Semiotics in MusicNational Conservatory of Music of Peru. June 2016

Transformational Theory in Analysis and Composition. National Conservatoire of Peru. April 2015

Introduction to Transformational Theory. High Conservatoire of Castilla la Mancha, Spain. March 2014

Ana R. Fontecha: a composer portraitConservatoire of Santander, Spain. April 2014

Music in the 20th/21st CenturiesConservatoire of Ponferrada, Spain. November 2011

Musicology in Spain. Exploring the Archive in the Digital Age Conference. King’s College London. May 2010

Current Musical CompositionUniversity of Cantabria, Spain. December 2009


Musical Analysis: Neoclasicism and Expresionism

Conservatoire of Torrelavega, Spain. December 2012

Series of lectures aimed at teachers of the conservatoire. The aim of the course was to give the teachers a better understanding of two of the most important musical movements of the early 20th Century, through discussion and analysis of scores also proposing possible repertoire to include in the syllabus for their students.

20th Century Music: a historical-analytical approach

Conservatoire of Ponferrada, Spain. November 2011

Aimed at teachers of the conservatoire, in this course I explained the main musical syles from the dissolution of tonality to the present day, complementing with teaching resources as the practical analysis of scores plus listening to videos and recordings.