Parents and Students

“Thanks to Ana’s lessons, my daughter has maintained and improved her piano level while we were in York and passed brilliantly all her exams when we came back to the Conservatoire in Spain”. F. Ferrando (parent)

“My son is benefiting greatly from Ana’s piano teaching.  She has a wealth of knowledge to impart and I feel that my son is receiving an excellent grounding in his first year of learning”. M. Mingins (parent)

“My son is preparing for his piano diploma examination and I’m very happy to have Dr. Ana Fontecha to be his teacher.  She is patient, experienced and most important of all, my son is always happy to have lessons with her.  I would highly recommend Ana to all the parents who are serious in giving their children a good music teacher”. S. Chang (parent)


“My niece, Xinjie had 6 lessons with Ana during her short visit in York from China this summer. It was a great learning experience for Xinjie.  Ana is passionate about what she is doing.  Her love for music is contagious.  She encouraged Xinjie to appreciate the stories behind the music rather than just focus on techniques.  I’ve found that extremely important for a young learner like Xinjie.  Ana is extremely supportive and patient in her teaching.  She explains things in such an easy to understand manner that Xinjie did not experience any uneasiness at all because of the change of the environment and the tutor.  I am very pleased that Xinjie has improved so much within such a short period of time.  Thank you Ana!”  Q. Zhou (relative)

“Ana is an accomplished, creative and dynamic teacher. She has inspired my children to love music, for example: by playing the same music in different keys and octaves, by playing duets with them, and by encouraging them to compose short pieces which are printed to look like a real music score. She has motivated them to practice as they feel they are making real progress. I would whole-heartedly recommend Ana as a piano teacher”. J. Spencer (parent)

“I really like Ana, she is an amazing piano teacher. The thing she does which I think makes her special is the fact that she teaches me about the composers as well as teaching me how to play the pieces.
I definitely recommend her!” M. Clatworthy (student)

“Ana has such a thorough understanding and appreciation of music, which I think adds an extra dimension to her lessons. My son really feels like he is learning something special! E. Flower (parent)


Adult Students

“I’ve been practising the piano for many years with several different teachers. When I started studying at the University of York I wasn’t sure I would be able to find a good teacher accepting students in such as small city. However, I was delighted to find a teacher of Ana’s calibre willing to take me on as a student. Although I’ve only been studying with her for a year she has already greatly helped me improve my technique, sense of musical style beyond the romantic period, and overall musicianship. She is an excellent teacher, whom I would unquestionably recommend”. B. Reedman (student)

“I really appreciated the fact that Ana responded quickly to my request for harmony lessons. Ana explained all the concepts well, and the lessons can be structured around what you want to cover, so although materials are provided (which are useful too), if you want to bring in your own materials to go through then you can. This flexibility meant I got exactly what I wanted out of every lesson, and helped me a lot. I have noticed an improvement in my harmonic analysis in only a few weeks, so all in all I would highly recommend Ana as a tutor!” H. Little (student)

“Ana is an outstanding music teacher. I started taking piano lessons with Ana as a complete beginner, having never played piano or any other keyboard instrument, I was able to play a small piece of music on the piano from the first lesson, which was amazing! I loved my piano lessons with Ana and looked forward to them every week. Ana’s teaching style is fun, friendly, encouraging, and you finish each lesson with a sense of accomplishment. She is very patient, professional and inspires her students through her own love of music. She also understands the difficulties of balancing music lessons with work and family commitments. It was also inspiring watching and listening to Ana playing the piano herself! Listening how a true musician play helped me to advance my techniques and to develop a musical ear for the different intervals and chords. I would highly recommend Ana to any student fortunate enough to work with her”. A. Al-Ghouleh

“I found Ana to be very inspirational, she not only teaches me to appreciate the piano but also music in general. She is been teaching me since September 2013 and I found that I have improved in my technique and I am much more confident. Her skills as a tutor are perceptive as she knows how to interprete my feelings and mood so she is able to change the lesson to suit me on my needs. She is punctual, reliable and a pleasure to work with. Ana is an excellent tutor and I would definitely recommend her”. D. Aragon (student)

“After a couple of years trying to teach myself the rudiments of playing the piano I was very fortunate to find Ana as a teacher who helped in many ways, not least in correcting some of my very obvious mistakes in technique and timing. Ana was very accommodating to my particular requirements, patient, helpful and at times quite inspiring. I really looked forward to our lessons together, time flew in enjoyment and, admittedly, quite a bit of hard work,  which has allowed me to refocus with renewed commitment upon my own practice. Thank you Ana, I can heartily recommend you as a teacher to any aspiring pianist“. Dr. Brogan (student)